5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Property for Sale in Phuket

Perfect Property for Sale in Phuket

If you are looking to purchase property in Phuket, there are quite a number of locations and property types to choose from. Once you are clear on your needs, this will help you to narrow down the area in which you will need to start your search. In fact, you will find that the offerings will have something which appeals to anyone seeking to acquire property there.

For people looking to retire, persons searching for a holiday home or investors looking for lucrative business opportunities, Phuket offers these and much more. The world class health facilities, excellent education system, welcoming climate and solid infrastructure, make it a place which has garnered a lot of attention from investors and vacationers alike.  You are already in a good position by making the decision to consider looking for property on sale in Phuket because it is the richest province in Thailand.

As a result, the government has special interest vested there and they have made the laws such that the environment is well protected. To help you find the perfect property in Phuket, here are five tips you will want to take into consideration before you make a final decision and thereafter find your perfect property

1. Search for Available Property on Online Real Estate Sites

One of the first things you should probably consider doing is looking around on the internet at the various real estate sites to see what options exist for property up for sale in Phuket. From your search, you will also become more familiar with the various locations, different types of properties available for sale and the various price points so that you can determine your budget. Of course, the cost of the property will not be your sole or total cost, so you will also want to do some more research to find out the applicable taxes and fees which will affect your final cost. There are many legal websites which can provide you with this information and of course the land department will provide you with official information as well.

2. Find a Highly Regarded Real Estate Agent

While you may be looking around online and seeing certain prices, you need not be boxed in by the prices. They are not necessarily set in stone. Although the property market in Thailand tends to be pretty robust, the right real estate agent may be able to get you a better bargain than you would be able to fetch all on your own. They have experience as well as in depth knowledge of the landscape and availability of property so hiring an agent to help you will definitely increase your chances of finding the perfect property in Phuket.  They may also be familiar with some sellers from previous viewing of properties and may have developed some kind of relationship with them which might work in your favour.

3. Seek to Invest in Older Properties

One thing you will discover with property in Phuket is that they are in high demand and coupled with being a prime tourist territory, makes the cost of property there not necessarily the lowest for an initial investment. There are a lot of older properties which may need renovations and improvement and as a result will sell for a much lower price than new developments or more modern units. Be sure to have an assessment done to assure yourself of the stability and durability of the structure prior to purchase so you can be sure of making a solid investment and will in fact be saving money.

4. Have Direct Liaison with the Developers

If you have identified a development project where you would like to purchase a condo unit for example, it would be a good idea to have some meaningful dialogue with the developers. Of course you would have checked out their reputation beforehand. Getting in early if you like the vision for the development will actually help with the cost of your particular unit as you would not become subject to the escalation over the period of the build. Having direct contact with the developers may also make it possible for you to suggest any modifications you would like to have made to your personal unit and will guarantee that you are getting a design that is best suited for you.

5. Keeps Your Ears Open for Property Auctions

From time to time property auctions come up where banks have foreclosed on property for various reasons. Trying to keep abreast of these whenever they are scheduled also puts you ahead of the game when looking for the perfect property in Phuket. Something that may have otherwise been not so affordable for you under normal circumstances may now become more than attainable at one of these auctions.

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